Dry Skin? No problem. Oil cleansing will save the day.

The Benefits of Oil Cleansing

Suffering from dry tight feeling skin? What you need is a little bottle of our magical Sunflower + Azulene Cleansing Oil.

The gentle blend of organic oils and sun-infused calendula in our cleansing oil helps skin stay nourished so that you’ll have fresh clean skin without stripping it of essential nutrients and moisture during these skin drying winter months. Oil cleansing helps your complexion by keeping the natural microbiome of your skin in balance. Cleansing with harsh surfactants and soaps can strip your skin of the natural oils and skin flora it needs to function optimally. Using an oil cleanse rids skin of pollutants, make up and dirty but doesn’t destroy the delicate balance of microbes that we actually need on our skin.

Keep skin clear using gentle, natural methods. Azulene is the compound in chamomile that gives it its dark green, blue colour. It has superstar bioactive properties including fighting inflammation and redness. Perfect for those pesky zits and clogged pores.

the benefits of cleansing oil

A Natural Make Up Remover

Our Queen of Clean cleansing oil is an all-natural makeup remover too. She’s gentle enough to use on your sensitive eye area.  Simply apply a few drops to your hands. Rub palms together to warm slightly and then massage into the face before removing with a warm cloth.  The essential oil blend of petitgrain, lavender, chamomile, and bergamot has been created to give a relaxing calming vibe. Think amazing nights sleep babes. You get a mini self-care facial at the same time as cleaning your skin. All the goodness right there.

Our Sunflower and Azulene oil can be mixed with our face masks, except black, for moisture rich exfoliation.  A fabulous skincare ritual for dry skin is a blend of Sunflower and Azulene Cleansing Oil and Pink or Yellow in the morning and Sunflower and Azulene Cleansing Oil on its own in the evening.  For Oily skin use the mask as exfoliation on its own in the morning. It’s great in the shower – no mess. And Sunflower and Azulene Cleansing Oil in the evening.

Happy Cleansing

Koko xxx