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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! All our ingredients come from nature.  Our skincare is made with the finest organic oils, salt, clay, butters flowers, herbs and plants that we can source.

Yes! Every single Koko Body product is proudly 100% vegan and cruelty free. We only test on happy willing humans.

Our organic coconut oil is wild harvested and hand packed by the Tolai communities in Papa New Guinea. Farmers are paid a fair trade price to ensure the money goes back to the local community and wild harvesting means the coconut oil is farmed sustainable to protect the natural resources of the islands.  Our coffee is grown in Chanchamayo in central Peru by small growers.  By supporting fairtrade we are helping these farmers and giving them a fair living wage to support their families and care for their land sustainably. Our coffee is carbon neutral too, meaning the carbon emissions from importing from Peru are offset by forestry projects in New Zealand. Our raw golden sugar is sourced from a small sugar mill located in Paraguay in a very isolated region called Arroyos y Esteros run by a collective of sugar cane growers.

No.  All our skincare is completely natural.

All our products are designed to be self preserving and waterless to avoid the need for synthetic preservatives.  Our body scrubs last for six months and all our other products have a life span of twelve months so long as they are kept waterfree. We use Miron Glass and natural vitamin E to help extend the life of our skincare.

Miron Glass is Dutch made violet glass that incorporates biophotonic technology. It protects our bio-active formulations by filtering out harmful rays of light. Only the violet light wavelength is able to penetrate the glass. Miron glass enhances our oils by activating and energising the molecules within to resonate at a similar frequency to the human nervous system. Want to learn more about Miron Glass?  Find out more

Yes! Miron glass is also environmentally friendly and recyclable.  However because it is so pretty we suggest that you try reusing it too.  Our pouch packaging can be rinsed after use and recycled in your nearest soft plastics bin.

Yes! All our packaging is BPA free and our pouches are all made with food grade materials to ensure they are super safe to use.

Organic in skincare terms means that the ingredients have been grown without the use of sprays or pesticides and harmful chemicals.  However, scientifically, organic refers to any object containing carbon.   Certified organic means that the ingredients have been proven to be organically grown, free from harmful chemicals and in clean soil. Certification is granted from organic authorities such as Bio-gro, Australian Certified Organic or USDA. They ensure the ingredients are thoroughly tested before providing certification.  We choose to use certified organic ingredients in all our skincare to ensure Koko is as natural as possible.

We work as fast as we can but please allow up to a week for delivery.  You will receive a tracking email when your skincare is on its way. Learn more about our shipping policies here.

Yes!  All of our skincare is proudly kiwi made right here in Aotearoa.