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Why choose organic?

Koko Body’s entire skincare range is made with certified organic ingredients.

Vegan Face Moisturiser NZ

The naked truth about organic skincare

If you’ve spent any time reading the labels on the back of common skincare products you’ll notice the amount of unpronounceable ingredients they include.

Koko Body’s ingredients read like a list of items from your organic garden or grocer and that’s the only way it will ever be!

The ingredients we use to make the Koko Body range are food grade.  This means they’re so pure and natural you can eat them.  The Gypsy Rose Face Steam is made with only organic flower petals.  It’s so pure you can use it to make herbal tea.  Our sugar scrubs are made with pure New Zealand Chelsea Sugar and Coconut Oil from a small business in Whangarei.  The botanical actives used to make our face mask range are superfoods that could be used to make smoothies or bake muffins.

Nutrient rich and chemical free skincare
Using natural, organic skin care products means you avoid the potential harm of chemical ingredients and you get the real nutritional benefits.

Natural organic ingredients such as coconut oil, macademia and sunflower oils are known to nourish, moisturize and promote smooth a natural glow and smooth skin.

Koko Body is made with certified organic ingredients.  This means that all of the plants, fruit and flowers in our skincare are grown without the use of pesticides.  The average woman unknowingly puts hundreds of different chemicals on her body everyday.  Washing your hands, doing the dishes or even putting on make up. By choosing organic, you are choosing toxin free.  You are making the choice to avoid known carcinogens such as sulphates, parabens and synthetic fragrances and preservatives.  The beauty movement is gaining momentum due to an awareness of the dangerous effects of some of these chemicals that are used to make standard skincare products.

By choosing clean beauty products you are ensuring the products you use on your skin are toxin free

Better for you and better for our planet

We know all that skin is the largest organ in our bodies.  What you might not know is that is acts like a sponge, absorbing 80% of everything that we put on it – this is why choosing to use only organic skincare makes so much sense.

Going organic also means that there is no harm done to the planet. Organic farming is done without the use of harsh pesticides.  While these pesticides may make the plants and produce look more appealing they also do a lot of damage.  Rain washes these contaminants into the soil and our waterways causing pollution.  By choosing organic you are choosing plants that are naturally grown using techniques like biodiversity. This means by choosing organic you are not only choosing what is good for you and your skin but you are choosing to put our planet first too.

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