Gypsy Rose Facial Steam


Try Gypsy Rose Facial Steam with its vibrant bouquet of  certified organic botanicals. For cellular level hydration and deep pore purification. Nourishing rosehip and chamomile mend, hydrate and balance.  Steaming is perfect for eliminating toxins and pore clogging debris.


Mini 12 gm
Large 35 gm


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Gypsy Rose Facial Steam

Rosehip, hibiscus, chamomile and rose petals combine to create this luscious facial steam.  Steaming opens and unblocks pores allowing toxins and dirt that are trapped to be released.   The blend of certified organic flowers in our gypsy rose facial steam includes gentle rose helps to soften and soothe your skin. Chamomile heals and calms redness and irritation. Hibiscus has toning and hydrating benefits that combine with rosehip to regenerate skin for a smooth plumped complexion.

Combine steaming with one of our customisable face masks for the ultimate self care moment.  Embrace the calming qualities of the steam and use the moment to clear the mind of clutter and focus your intentions on wishes of well being and gratitude.

Follow up with our nourishing Lotus and Wild Rose Face Oil

I make a great bath tea or herbal tea too.


The top 5 benefits of Facial Steaming

  1. Steaming helps to open up your pores.  This loosens trapped dirt which may clog and irritate your pores and makes it easier to remove.
  2. The heat from the steam encourages blood flow to your face.  Increased circulation equals oxygenation and skin cell nourishment.
  3. Perspiring while steaming purges bacteria and dirt from your pores.  This gives your skin an ultra deep clean.
  4. Facial steaming makes your face more receptive to treatments.  Its a great way to prep your skin for a facemask and serum.
  5. Steaming is relaxing.  It allows you to take time out from your busy life.  Combine it with relaxing music and dim lighting.  Close your eyes and focus on your breathing while steaming.  Embrace the calm and tranquillity of the moment.

To learn more about the benefits of face steaming and why it is so good for your skin check out our bog post here.


Mini 12 gm
Large 35 gm

Weight N/A


Whats in me?

Ingredients: Rosa damascena (Rose)*, Matricaria recutita ( Chamomile)*, Hibiscus rosa-sinensis (Hibiscus flower)*, Rosa canina (Rosehips)*.

*Certified Organic

How to Use Me

To Use our Gypsy Rose Facial Steam

Simply place a tablespoon of the flower mix into a bowl that’s at least as wide as your face.   Pour boiling hot water over. Let water cool slightly and then lean over bowl covering head and bowl with a towel.  Make sure no steam escapes.  Steam for five to ten minutes. If it gets too hot or you feel like your skin is burning stop. When finished wipe face with damp cloth. *Be careful not to use water that is icy cold as the change from hot to cold can break the capillaries in the face.

Available in single use mini size or multiple use large size. Large will give around 5 -6 steams.

Follow up with a clay face mask to maximise the benefits of opening up the pores.

Gypsy Rose facial steam is made is food grade organic botanical so it can also be used to make a delicious cup of soothing loose leaf herbal tea.  Rosehips adds Vitamin C and A to the body and Hibiscus is known to help high blood pressure and cholesterol.  Chamomile and Rose soothe and calm to make this a relaxing berry flavoured blend.

To use as a tea place two teaspoons into a tea strainer and add boiling water.  Allow to steep for three minutes. Add honey to sweeten if needed.

Shake packet before use to ensure an even mix of ingredients.  Rosehip can sink to the bottom due to weight.


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