Winter Warriors | Winter Skincare Tips

Winter is coming, and with it a whole lot of skincare woes.  But don’t worry hun we’ve got you covered. Lets turn up the heat and jump right in.  Or maybe not. Heat, hot showers, icy cold wind and low humidity are all part of the winter skin problem. You know that feeling.  Dry, itchy hands.  Flaky faces, and if you love the mountain like me. Chapped wind burnt lips. It’s not all doom and gloom though. We’ve come up with some winter warriors that will save your skin.

Hydration Heroes

Hydration is key here.  All that getting cosy by the fire strips your skin of valuable moisture. So stay sipping on that water bottle or if you need something a little warmer try a herbal tea.  Starting from the inside out is the best way to make sure you’re layering up on hydration and holding onto that summer goddess glow.

Layer It Up

You’re probably thinking scarves, beanies and warm winter jackets right about now. We’re not talking about layering up your clothes though.  Lets layer up our hydration.  We’ve started with the inside but what about on the outside.  We’ve got the perfect solution for you.  A little something we’ve been secretly working on lately.  Ready just in time to join us for winter. A three step winter warrior ready to conquer your skin problems and save the day. But more about that a little later ;P

Wash It All Away

Long hot showers are one of the best parts of winter.  So make this a moment for a little self-care.  Avoid skin drying soaps and body washes and try a natural exfoliator instead.  Koko Body scrubs are designed to clean, exfoliate and moisturise all at once.  No harsh chemicals here.  Instead of stripping skin of vital moisture they’re made with a plant-based blend that locks in nourishment and hydration.  Say goodbye to scaly dry legs.  You won’t even need to moisturise after. Winning.
koko body bath soak

Try A Little DIY

On a budget? No worries, we got a DIY winter warrior just for you.  Go check your pantry.  Do you have coconut oil or olive oil? How about sugar. Perfect.  Mix a teaspoon of your oil with two teaspoons of sugar.  Add a drop or two of vanilla essence and mix together.  You just made your self your very first winter warrior.  A homemade lip scrub. Use your finger to gently rub into the lips.  Exfoliate for 20 seconds and rinse of with warm water. How easy was that!

Winter skin needs love. Layer up on those moisturisers, oils and balms as often as you can.  Especially before bed. An overnight balm or oil will really lock in that hydration.  Don’t forget the hands either.  The constant washing dries them out.  Add a drop of oil or balm while they’re still a little damp and rub it in to help that cracked dry feeling.  Self-care at this time of year is the best. Take the time to embrace those cosy dark evening vibes with a soak, a candle, maybe even a cheeky glass of wine. Don’t let the darkness get you, or your skin down. Enjoy the slow winter pace of life and the opportunities to have me time.

“Do whatever makes you happy and be with whoever makes you smile.”