You Absolutely Definitely Need To Wash Your Face | Here’s Why.

Your Mum didn’t lie. You have to wash you face. Make it is as simple as you like, even splashing water on at the sink will work. The key is to remove the dirt and grime that can hide invisibly on your skin. This dirt will lead to clogged pores and then…….the dreaded breakout!

Every day you come into contact with skin pollutants as you go about your life. It is inevitable. The way to stop that dirt and grime invading your pores is simple, regular washing. Twice a day, morning and night, is enough to keep your skin clear and fresh. However if you’re working out, you may want to wash your face as soon as you finish too. Sweat is not your skins best friend.

Three Ways That Washing Your Face Keeps Your Skin Clear:

It Removes Make Up

Sleeping with your make up on is a big no-no. You may want to look great when you wake up in the morning but those layers of foundation, primer and bronzer are trapping in the dirt from the day. This includes free radicals, which can get stuck in your make up. These nasties cause the break down of collagen and result in aging. The opposite of what you were going for right? One night sleeping in your make up isn’t go to do much harm, apart from clog a pore or two. Making a regular habit of it though….hell no.

Wash your face before sleeping

Rise and Shine….and Wash
Surely your skin can’t have become that dirty while you were sleeping though. You washed it the night before. It’s still clean. Or is it? While you sleep your skin is renewing itself. Shedding dead, old skins cells to reveal fresh younger ones. See where I’m going with this. By the time you wake up, your skin is actually already dirty again. And lets be real here, none of us actually change our pillowcase every single night. Environmental bacteria can hide out on our pillow and add to the problem.

You Can’t Creat Art with a Dirty Canvas

Those skin saving moisturisers, oils and serums that you’ve saved up for need a fresh canvas to do their job. To be properly absorbed, deep into you skin, you need a clean face. Better yet leave your skin slightly damp after you’ve wash it. This will help your face oil lock in moisture and nourishment. A must for dewy glowing skin.

You don’t need fancy gadgets or loads of time. Just commit to 5 minutes in the morning and evening. That’s all you need to start the journey to happy healthy skin.