Facial Steaming Will Change Your Life | Here’s Why

face steaming

Heard of facial steaming before? Remember that thing with the towel and bowl your mum used to do to you as a kid when you had the flu…..well that, in essence, is facial steaming. Facial steaming is the key to unlocking great skin, unclogging pores and increasing blood flow for that gorgeous goddess glow – the ultimate end goal right?

What does steaming do?
When you put your face over a bowl of hot water, the warm steam rises and begins to break up the tiny pieces of dirt and debris that clog the pores of the face. Hot steaming encourages sweating leading to further flushing of the pores. The warm heat from the steam then increases blood flow to the skin of the face which means more oxygen. Think plump hydrated looking skin.

Facial steaming softens the surface of the skin. It also makes it open to absorbing nutrients and vitamins. This is why facial steaming will change your life. Try a face steam before using one of our clay masks. By steaming first you have primed the skin ready to absorb the botanical actives all our face masks contain. Your skin will also be ready for a natural exfoliation to remove all the dirt and debris you have just brought to the surface of your skin.

Create self care rituals
Create a self care ritual that involves regular steaming and masking to help those pesky pores stay clear and keep those not so beautiful whiteheads away. For the ultimate mini ritual try our gypsy rose facial steam, followed by a bio-active mask, once a week. It is designed to balance redness and inflammation in skin. The organic chamomile flowers are in there, not only because they look pretty, but for their natural healing powers too. Hibiscus and rose soften and hydrate while rosehip gives your skin a boost of natural vitamin c.

The top 5 benefits of Facial Steaming
Steaming helps to open up your pores. This loosens trapped dirt which may clog and irritate your pores and makes it easier to remove.
The heat from the steam encourages blood flow to your face. Increased circulation equals oxygenation and skin cell nourishment.
Perspiring while steaming purges bacteria and dirt from your pores. This gives your skin an ultra deep clean.
Facial steaming makes your face more receptive to treatments. Its a great way to prep your skin for a facemask and serum.
Steaming is relaxing. It allows you to take time out from your busy life. Combine it with relaxing music and dim lighting. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing while steaming. Embrace the calm and tranquillity of the moment.

Try our mini ritual pack today. Your skin will love you for it.